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The following appeared in Eye on the World:

Agnieszka Holland, Polish Director/Screenwriter
Andre Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky, writer/director and
Nikita Mikhalkov,
Constantin Costa-Gavras, Director
Jules Dassin, American Director
Lina Wertmuller, Italian Director
Philip Kaufman, American Director/Writer
Jiri Menzel, Czech Director
Krzysztof Kieslowski, Polish Director
Luis Barreto,
Brazilian Producer
Sachiko Murase
, Japanese Actress
Sergei Bodrov, Russian Director
Wu Tianming,
Chinese Director
Hector Babenco, Brazilian Director
Mikhail Belikov, Ukrainian Director, Writer/Cinematographer


At the 1993 San Francisco International Film festival, Judy surrounded by
festival artistic director Peter Scarlet and three directors: Otar Iosseliani
of Georgia, Dusan Makaveyev of Yugoslavia and Ousmane Sembene of Senegal.

Photo Mikhail Lemkhin

Judy with Agnieszka Holland, Polish Director/Screenwriter

Judy between two controversial Russian brothers: Andre
Mikhalkov-Konchalovsky, writer/director with Nikita Mikhalkov, director/actor

Judy with Director Costa-Gavras and his wife Michele Ray-Gavras, Producer at the San Francisco International Film Festival
Photo Pamela Gentile


Judy interviewing Jules Dassin, American Director in Greece


Judy with Lina Wertmuller, Italian Director visiting San Francisco


Judy with Philip Kaufman (right), American Director/Writer and
(in background) Douglas C.Rigg


Judy with Jiri Menzel, Czech Director in San Francisco
Photo Pamela Gentile

Judy with Krzysztof Kieslowski, Polish Director
and Screenwriter who hated giving interviews
Judy with Luis Barreto, famed Brazilian producer
Sachiko Murase, Japanese Actress. star of Kurosawa's "Rhapsody in August."

Judy and Sergei Bodrov, Russian Director

Wu Tianming, Chinese Director
Judy with Hector Babenco, Brazilian Director
Judy with Mikhail Belikov, Ukrainian Director, Writer/Cinematographer

The following appeared in
Not Quite a Memoir

Amos Gital, Israeli Director
Abbas Kiarostami, Iranian Director, Screenwriter, Producer
Federico Luppi, Argentine Actor/Director
Maria de Medeiros,
Portuguese Actress/Director
Zhang Yimou,
Chinese Director

Judy with Amos Gitai, Israeli Director in San Francisco
(Photo Paul Eric Felder)
Judy with Abbas Kiarostami, Iranian Director, Screenwriter,
Producer at the 2001 Cairo International Film Festival

(Photo Mohammad Nikbin)
Judy with Federico Luppi, Argentine Actor/Director in Buenos Aires, 2002
Judy with Maria de Medeiros, Portuguese Actress/Director
with her husband, Augusti Camps and their daughter at the Montreal World Film Festival, 2000
Judy with Zhang Yimou, Chinese director and Xiao-Yan Wang,
Bay Area director in Montreal, 1995


Other Actors, Directors, and Screenwriters

Danny Glover, American Actor
Gerard Depardieu, French Actor
Leila Hatami, Iranian Actress
Marcello Mastroianni, Italian Actor

Judy, Danny Glover, star of "To Sleep With Anger" and grandson.
Photo Steve Rhodes
Judy with Gerard Depardieu, French movie star,
at Sarasota (Fla.) French film festival
Judy with Leila Hatami, Iranian movie star, in Toronto
Judy with Marcello Mastroianni, Italian actor,
star of the Russian film, "Dark Eyes" in the Soviet Union


Stone Family Pictures

Judy's father outside store in Haddonfield

Judy with puppy

Judy's father at work in the U.S.Mint in Philadelphia.
He loved to joke that his job was "making money."

Judy looks on as Izzy signs books in San Francisco in 1988
( Photo Phiz Mezey)

Judy, high school editor

Judy at Persepolis, Iran in 2002
Judy at the Great Wall in China in 1980 with her hostess
Judy, an admirer of Inuit art, brandishing a whale bone
in Frobisher Bay, Canada

Judy with her wonderful Russian interpretor Volodya

Judy, wearing manditory hijab, with women workers at
Fajr Film Festival in Iran, 2000

Judy trying (unsuccessfully) to look like a Chinese empress in 1980